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Table Official Level I

Date: Sat, 20-May-2017
Start: 10:00
Finish : 13:00
Venue: Pimlico Academy
Cost: TBC (Promoted by BE)
Minimum Age: 13 years or older

Course Description:

The award is a practical assessment of the candidate’s ability to table officiate basketball at a very basic level. A successful candidate will have experienced the skills criteria as set in the syllabus below. Applicants for this award need no previous experience.
This award is intended for table officials operating in schools and central venue league competitions, using the Basketball England Traditional scoresheet. The underlying philosophy of the course is to encourage the basketball enthusiast to be able to table officiate a game.
The course normally consists of 2 hours in duration, Unit 1 covers the basics of table officiating; Unit 2 concentrates on the duties of the timer whilst Unit 3 deals with the duties of the scorer and completing a scoresheet.

Candidates will have experienced the following skills and be familiar with specific officiating terminology:
Unit 1: Basics of table officiating
Unit 2: Duties of the timer
Unit 3: Duties of scorer
No funding is available for this course.

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