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Referee Level 1

Date: Sat, 08-Apr-2017
Start: 10:00
Finish : 15:00
Venue: QK School
Cost: £20
Minimum Age: 14 years or older

Course Description:

Candidates Must bring their own whistle to the course. Learning outcomes Level 1 Candidates:
Referees will have experienced the following skills and be familiar with specific officiating terminology.
   Unit 1: Game Administration - Toss the ball at the start of a game and move appropriately after the toss. Be able to blow their whistle in a short, sharp, strong manner to stop play because of a rule infraction. Move around the court to be able to observe the action of the player.
   Unit 2: Positioning - Lead official - Trail official - Active official - Free official.
   Unit 3: Mechanics - Recognizing a violation and calling violations. Use of correct signals to communicate decisions. Re-starting play
   Unit 4: Special Situations and Administration • The various levels/types of fouls. • Jump ball situations. • Free throw administration. • Out of bounds situations. BSB - Be there [In The Right Place On Court]; See it [foul or violation]; Blow it [with confidence.. Sharp Whistle]

Payment for your course can be made up to 72 hours prior to the course date via internet banking referencing your name & Ref 1 to:
Bank: HSBC,
Name: London Basketball Group,
Sort Code: 40-06-21;
a/c No: 51785559.

Candidates Must bring their own whistle to the course.

Referee Level 1


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