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Referee Level 1 - 8.04.2017


Referee Level 1

Date: Sat, 08-Apr-2017
Start: 10:00
Finish : 15:00
Venue: QK School
Cost: £20
Minimum Age: 14 years or older

Course Description:

Candidates Must bring their own whistle to the course. Learning outcomes Level 1 Candidates:
Referees will have experienced the following skills and be familiar with specific officiating terminology.
   Unit 1: Game Administration - Toss the ball at the start of a game and move appropriately after the toss. Be able to blow their whistle in a short, sharp, strong manner to stop play because of a rule infraction. Move around the court to be able to observe the action of the player.
   Unit 2: Positioning - Lead official - Trail official - Active official - Free official.
   Unit 3: Mechanics - Recognizing a violation and calling violations. Use of correct signals to communicate decisions. Re-starting play
   Unit 4: Special Situations and Administration • The various levels/types of fouls. • Jump ball situations. • Free throw administration. • Out of bounds situations. BSB - Be there [In The Right Place On Court]; See it [foul or violation]; Blow it [with confidence.. Sharp Whistle]

Payment for your course can be made up to 72 hours prior to the course date via internet banking referencing your name & Ref 1 to:
Bank: HSBC,
Name: London Basketball Group,
Sort Code: 40-06-21;
a/c No: 51785559.

Candidates Must bring their own whistle to the course.

Referee Level 1


Attention to Basketball Officials

Grey Little Snitch

We have managed to put a deal together that, we think, you won't be able to resist.
Membership for the season is £25 for referees and £15 for table officials. Members who are both referees and table officials pay £35.

So, what do you get for that? Well, referees get a new London Region referee shirt, and a Fox 40 whistle. Table Officials get a new red London Region Polo shirt and a four colour pen.

Also, all members get two tickets to go to all London Lions home games this season, so that you can see how it's done at the top level. If you can get to the Copper Box, this, on its own, is worth many times the membership fee. If you can only get to one game over the course of the season, you will have recovered your entire membership fee, without including any of the other goodies. As LABO is primarily concerned with the improvement of officials, there will also be seminars and meetings for members, with guest speakers, every 4 - 6 weeks or so throughout the season and opportunities to have your games recorded, with supportive feedback to help with your development. As well as all this, members will get discounts for all LABO-organised courses.

 So, how do you join? The easiest way is to include your LABO membership fee with your Basketball England registration, if you register through the London Region Registrar, Peter Dyke. Otherwise you can transfer your membership fee to the London Region bank account:

Bank Name: HSBC
Account name: London Basketball Group
Sort code: 40-06-21
Account Number: 51785559

For an application form, please email me on
If you have any queries, please contact me on or by telephone on 07879 458677.
Good luck for this season and I hope you all take this fantastic opportunity to advance your officiating career.

Rick Hinds
Chairman, London Association of Basketball Officials.

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